Saturday, September 10, 2016



My name is Sarah Ostorga, and welcome to the Home page of my Electronic Portfolio. Before I provide a brief overview of this web page please allow me to introduce myself. I have been teaching high school science for the past four years and am currently the Campus Technologist of my campus. 

Educational Technology has become a passion of mine due to my experience in the classroom. Thus, I decided to pursue a career in Ed. Tech. after completing my M.Ed. in Educational Technology. I have developed this Electronic Portfolio to demonstrate my experience and skills from my Educational Career and Master’s Program. 

This E-Portfolio is organized into seven strategically placed pages. The Home page, which you are currently viewing, my Master’s Program Reflection Letter, the Matrix containing standards and performance indicators, a list of courses taken in my Program, a description of my leadership background, my Degree plan also known as the Program of Study, My contact information, and a direct link to my professional LinkedIn account. To get the best view this web page has to offer, including a demonstration of my Google Technology skills through my banner, be sure to use the Google Chrome browser. 

If you have any questions or requests please feel free to contact me using my contact information listed in the navigation menu above. Thank you for visiting my E-Portfolio and have a wonderful day.

Sarah Ostorga
  • Last Update: 9/14/2016