The following is a list of my professional background and ongoing practice in the field of Educational Technology. You will find a list of certifications; memberships; subscriptions; current event resources I use to stay familiar with the field; professional development and training; social media networking; and any contributions to the profession I've made. If you have any questions, or would like more detail about anything I've listed below, feel free to contact me using the contact info listed under the CONTACT ME tab in the above menu bar. 
(A). Professional Certifications:
  • La Joya ISD Google Academy Certificate
  • Upon Graduation: E-Learning Certificate
  • Upon Graduation: Educational Technology Leadership Certificate
(B). Membership in Professional Organizations:
(C) Subscriptions to Professional Listservs:
(D) Professional Reading List:  
(E) Professional Development and Training. 

  • La Joya ISD Ed Tech Conference 2016
    • Traning name: Lets Go Beyond ScreenShots
  • La Joya ISD Ed Tech Conference 2017
  • Training name: Powtoon
  • ISTE Conference Summer 2017
    • La Joya ISD has personally selected me to attend the conference as one of the few teacher representatives for the district.
  • La Joya ISD Ed Tech Conference 2018
    • Training name: Learning the Basics of the New Google Sites
  • ISTE 2018 Microsoft Hack the Classroom online conference

  • Designed and trained High school teachers on the following training items (School year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018):
    1. Traning name: Credit recovery skyward beginning of school year grade book 
    2. Traning name: How to complete the digital Credit Completion form (AKA District Blueforms)
    3. Traning name: Credit recovery skyward end of year documentation submission
    4. Traning name: Isafe training for student Isafe review
    5. Traning name: Staff and Faculty training over Acceptable Usage Policies
    6. Traning name: Teacher implementation of document camera digital features
    7. Traning name: Teacher implementation of Mobi devices for End of Course classes
    8. Traning name: Implementation of Hour of Code

  • Designed and developed the following immediate screenshot trainings over needed software (School year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018):
    1. Screenshot Guide name: Compass/Odyssey Running Student Quiz Progress Reports
    2. Screenshot Guide name: Congressional App Challenge Accessibilities of Forms Guide
    3. Screenshot Guide name: Flipgrid quick Teacher/Student Guide
    4. Screenshot Guide name: STEM Day Resource Accessibilities Guide
    5. Screenshot Guide name: Digital Learning Day Accessibilities of Forms Guide
(F) Social Media Networking:
  • LinkedIn Profile
    • To view my personal Profile please use the direct link provided in the menu above
(G) Contributions to the Profession:
  • Development of La Joya ISD Technology Plan Summer 2016